Timing out early

Ever since I upgraded to v6.1.0-dev, OpenEMR is timing out early. No warning, no countdown, nothing. I am working on a patient chart and click save and it has timed out and I lose all my work.

This never happened before the upgrade. Any suggestions.

Thank you.

Jeff Guillory

I had the Idle Session Timeout Seconds set for 7400 seconds. I changed it to 3600 today to see if it changes anything.

But again, this seems to happen while I am working. What often happens, I will be discussing an issue with a patient. Let’s say 15-20 mins go by. I sit back down at the CAMOS and complete the chart and go to hit the Updated Selected Items button and then OpenEMR displays that I have timed out. So the items I just input are gone and I have to redo the entire note.

Very frustrating.

Sounds very frustrating @nursejeff, did you clear your cache after you upgraded to the development version?

Yes, I thought I did but per your suggestion, I did it again. Hopefully, it will not give me further trouble.

I completely uninstalled chrome as the problem got worse and worse. I would be clicking through lab reports and get the Session Timeout.

I will try Microsoft Edge for a while.

my advice would be to stick with firefox or chrome, because you’re running the development version you’re probably going to encounter more bugs than the current production release of 6.0.0(2)