Thoughts on an OpenSource version? LexiconMD AI-Powered App Helps Physicians Spend More Time with Patients | NVIDIA

(Daniel Sandoval) #1

This might be off topic but I found an article on how an Nvidia-sponsored startup is integrating AI into existing EMR systems to help doctors spend more time with patients

Any thoughts on making something similar in OpenEMR?

(Brady Miller) #2


It basically audio records the entire physician-patient interaction and fills in documentation from that. Sort of like a AI scribe (btw, a scribe is what a few practices have done to decrease the ever increasing documentation burden of physicians); the premise sounds great, but in reality I am guessing in the end it will just further increase the burdens (not to mention that some things that patient’s say/report are sometimes best not documented per pt wishes). Note this is just the skeptical physician side of me speaking. The technical side of me thinks the premise is really cool; sort of like cTakes on audio with steroids.


(visolve) #3

How about turning the recording on/off?


(Daniel Sandoval) #4