(This) OpenEMR site is unreachable from Russia

(Dmitri) #1

Site https://www.open-emr.org/ is unreachable from Russia at least 2 weeks. I have no idea why, but I can get openemr site by SOCKS proxy only.


(Brady Miller) #2

hi @Dmitri ,

Was unable to confirm this here:

(but I am not in Russia)

What if you drop the www.?
What if you drop the https to http?


(Dmitri) #3

Hi Brady,

I tried http:// , https:// , www.open-emr.org, open-emr.org. No success. I guess it is very likely the local Internet provider trouble. I’m going to visit them on Monday to register the problem.

The good news is https://community.open-emr.org/ is reachable and works fine. :slight_smile:


(Alex Volin) #4


I completely understand your problem because I visit Russia from time to time. As you know their government wages war against some unwanted messengers like Telegram for example. Your ISP just probably blocks a range of the IP-addresses that contains this messenger server’s IP and some of the OpeEMR’s or intermediary IPs accidentally fell in that range. The only reliable way to overcome the problem that I know is to get a VPN or a proxy server service.

(Dmitri) #5

Hi Alex,
I don’t think that’s “war” where actually is “a case of silly ineptitude in the midst of the bureaucracy” LOL ! Not at all, really, they are growing up quickly and working out a good experience how to interact efficiently. Let us to stay on the positive side. Due to them I found a nice free proxy SOCKS and this method allowed me to get growing up network speed at least twice! Surprise! It seem I bypassed the speed limit! Rostelekom provider guys, thank you for your silly blocking LOL. What about Telegram I have no problem with my Telegram and never had.