Texting patients that they have a balance due

Getting patients to pay their outstanding balance is an art form all by itself. This message is to start a conversation about a way to text patients that they have a balance due. It has been proven to increase payments received by patients. We used to be able to use email to send statements. Everybody’s email is filled with unwanted emails. Texting is the next must-have in the billing arsenal. If only someone would have built a module that could do that.

Just add hook in SMSFax appointment reminders to add a collect the outstanding balance text. Currently Twilio. Easy Peesy

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This would be a step in a very helpful direction for us if we still had the SMSFax feature for RingCentral.
We would save between $8-$10 a day on supplies, labor & postage with this function. But because Twilio went unsupported back in v6, we had to go elsewhere to keep our automated patient reminders.

When we saw the development progress for Ring Central we switched phone providers to take advantage of that however, R/C went unsupported in v7.

We surely cannot be the only practice in this position.
Who else uses RingCentral and needs Fax/SMS back?
Come on people, speak up and support this now or forever pay two SMS providers and mail your bills.

We built our SMS solution with a different vendor. However, I thought I saw that Twilio is integrated into the Fax and SMS module?

I added a call to our SMS module when the statement is being emailed to also fire a message to the patient. The patient receives the balance and a message saying check your email for a statement with the clinic name in the text message.

That is a great idea! Since we all know that e-mail can and frequently does, slip through the cracks.

I am currently having an issue with RC concerning test SMS i.e. I can’t.
David, does your current RC account include SMS or just fax. If not, can you justify adding in lieu of your current costs and feature availability.

I just need to know if I should concentrate on fax for reintroduction and then work out SMS with even when I finish RC SMS I am going to add another choice of vendor for SMS. I just haven’t decided on the choice of new vendor yet and will be different than vendor Sherwin uses. For one, that’s just fair to Sherwin and two, it provides yet one more option for the community.

Instead of having to do 2FA login to RC module I now use JWT. This allows an easier setup for new RC accounts, JWT last forever unless user puts time limit on token or it’s removed and the use of background tasks for scheduled appt notifications.

Part of Account Credential setup RC. Note ability to generate JWT during setup.