Text expanders that are compatable with Open EMR

I am really enjoying using Open EMR for my practice. Unfortunately my preferred text expander As-U-Type is not compatible.

What text expander/macro product do other providers use?


Text expander? Are you trying to write a note? Or do you mean when entering patient demographic data?

attempting to write a note in SOAP

Hmm. Can you go into more detail about how it’s not compatible? If you’re just typing words into a webform it should be willing to play ball…

If you double-click on the SOAP note fields, the Nation Notes WYSIWYG editor should open up.

you can reference the wiki for instructions on how to use them:



As-u-Type is evidently picky. Works with notepad, word,but not google docs or Open EMR.

And its working just fine today at home.

The thing is, As-U-Type is supposed to work with browsers though. I checked the docs, it seems like it supports them and I’ve seen pages that talk about how to fix it if it doesn’t seem to be. I’m not sure it’s OpenEMR that’s not supporting it.

Still, if you can’t get over that hurdle? I don’t know your use-case for As-U-Type, but you might look at Chrome extensions and text expanders that would install directly in the browser – maybe those would help?

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I know of providers using both TextExpander and PhraseExpress.
Both are now subscription based, unfortunately, but you can run a trial version to see if it’s acceptable to you and/or worth the subscription.
I am not affiliated with either company, just passing along some ideas for software that is known to work.