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Team Tasks Management


@andremillet has noted that his institution is very team oriented and deploys a mixture of EMR and whiteboard solutions to collaborate. The goal is to have OpenEMR patient records set up with a very modern collaboration system similar to Asana or Github Pull Requests (obviously keep in mind the concept, not the technical command line git details here). It should be real time, allow for comments, have an easy-to-use interface, and support notifications (though this last one may be tricky…).

It is also important for this feature to have an elegant “story” summary so that if a specialist is handed off the record, they will see all who were involved and what was done.


None yet

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Would love this - much needed. In the meantime, anyone come up with a creative workaround?

Hi @sljsmith,

Our developers would be able to get to this work quicker with sponsorship. I don’t know of any secure, HIT workaround options at this time.


Matthew Vita
OpenEMR Project Administrator

I hear ya! I plan to donate my time (former comp engineer) when I get this practice up and running. But at the moment, I’m using an open source because I have limited funds. :slight_smile:

Once an engineer, always an engineer! :slight_smile:

So totally…

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