Support questions

I keep getting random providers asking me for recommendations on EMR’s. Of course I tell them to use openEMR because it’s free. However, when it comes to support I just tell them there are companies out there that can support it.

I’d like to offer openEMR as a service for my company. I run on Google Cloud and imagine using a managed mysql server and connecting the various installs of openEmr to that server. So each customer would get their own VM. Are their any issues with that?

I’m wondering if anybody would like to partner in helping set this up? My knowledge is limited enough that I don’t feel completely comfortable going at this alone. Also, does anybody offer training. I’d like to be able to provide training to customers that come on board.

Is this something that the license supports?



Hello @brad,

I personally do not see anything wrong with your stack. In future, if your clients get to have their own IT staff, it’ll be easier to work with them independently.

Yes, I would like to tag along. Kindly shoot me an email at