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Summary Reprot or Synoposis of patient Care - enhanced reporting for providers

Patient data is powerful, when it is easily found and actionable by providers.

In a time crunch allotment to a visit , providing providers who visit patients with a Synoposis report that is dynamic and modifiable with
Trending Vitals
Selected relevant Labs
Selected Medications on Profile
Intake and outs

Allowing to provider to essential create their own data points and display then as they see fit is powerful versus a static report.

Has anyone began development with dynamic reports for patients in outpatient settings / home visits?
With Critical Care trending to home care, have power data is disregarding the physical location of patients.

Patient data points can be populated with biometric devices patient have and/or periodic interfacing with devices into a server.

Thank you for you r suggestions on what EMR has to offer.

@OpenEMRRN I have not seen any interactive/ dynamic report building like what you describe. OpenEMR’s clinical reports consist of CCRs, CCDs and a Patient Report that summarizes the care that the pt has received based on which items are selected to include.
I’ve seen a few mentions of interfacing with peripherals but you’d need to search this forum.
Good luck- HT