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Suddenly my documents are not uploading

I have been uploading pdf’s for some time and now suddenly whether I drag or use the upload button, I get an uploading message to 100%. Then nothing uploads.

If you scroll down as far as you can to the bottom of the screen, is there a message like this:

“The system does not permit uploading files with MIME content type”…

I dont see that but if that us the case how fo I fix it.

If that’s not the case then there’s no need to go there, but I was thinking of looking at this, if it were:

Control whether or not you maintain a blacklist/whitelist of MIME types here:
Administration > Globals > Security > Secure Upload Files with White List

Choose what known file types go in whitelist or blacklist here:
Administration > Files > “Create custom white list of MIME content type of a files to secure your documents system”

This is the ‘MIME types whitelist’ used above:
Administration > Lists > Files type white list

It is so bizarre. I can upload some but not others. The same type of pdf file and 1 will work and then the next one won’t.

Does the file that did not upload consistently fail?

I figured it out. It was the size of my pdfs. When I reduced the size they uploaded. Thank you!