Streamlining patient registration?


Thank you for this EMR software. Even though I customized forms and .php associated with patient registration, my patients still find the process somewhat complex. Is there a way (not requiring significant coding knowledge) to streamline the registration process so that it is similar to when patients arrive to clinic and fill forms?

For example, first page that patient sees is signature template, once submits signature takes him straight to Hipaa form, then to privacy policy, then to medical history, then submits and registration process is done.

Thank you

Hi @sunny - welcome to the OpenEMR forum-- hopefully you’ll get the help you’re looking for!

The process you’re looking for sounds like it’d involve a tablet computer or a kiosk logged into the patient portal, for the pt to use to fill out the forms. Although the thing about finishing one document then being taken to the next, might have to simply be the patient working `through a list of documents.

And then you’d need to build the document templates. Which OpenEMR does have as a feature, and curiously enough the 2 forum posts immediately before yours ask about similar use cases.

Here’s the link to the posts and the responses to them; hope they are helpful.

And of course if you have any questions about all this, come on back and ask them here!
Best- Harley

Do forget Portal Templates which can be populated from the Patient Documents. It’d be an easy job to add the feature to Demographics and encounters.