Steps for Onsite Patient Portal 5.0.2

Hello Everyone,

The practice I am working for is moving over to OpenEMR and the transition has been rather easy for getting OpenEMR setup. Recently, they requested I set up the onsite patient portal working. Finding the wiki page for the Patient Portal, I found two steps slightly confusing.

The first was clicking on the checkbox for “Enable Onsite Patient Portal.” After I click on that checkbox then adjust the link to place the practice name in the URL, does that officially set up the patient portal, or are extra steps required to further set up the patient portal?

My second question is emailing the credentials to the patient, to set up the SMTP host, would that be the same SMTP found under Administration -> Globals -> Notifications? Or would is there another location in which that needs to be set up as well?

Thank you for any assistance on this matter. I also hope this was posted to the correct location.

Hi @Endelis

Just ensure you’ve followed the openemr install doc concerning setting up mod_rewrite etc.

yep, that’s where the magic happens.

Thank you for replying @sjpadgett.

I will give that a try once I talk to the developer who installed the Standard Edition of OpenEMR for us. I think that would all be set up correctly based on what I heard. I will make sure that once it is up and running to mark the answer as the solution to help anyone else that may have this problem in the future as well once it starts working for me.

Hi did you get this up and running? Having the same problem

I did get it up and running in the end. The key element I had to look at was what the URL of OpenEMR’s main log-in was. Afterward, I went to the administration in OpenEMR and went to the portal, taking the original log-in URL for the site, I copied it into the portal field, then added “/portal” as the end. This allowed me access to the field.

For example,

If the doctor’s website read as:

for the patient portal, I would adjust the portal field in the administration panel to read

That would then enable the patient portal. As for the SMTP credentials, that really depends on your host and my company uses a custom domain for our work, so I can’t specify how it works for other email providers.

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