Starting a new hospital with OpenEMR

Hello all.

I am not sure if this is the right place to post. I am completely new to OpenEMR and i have not started any work on it at all, though I have been hearing about it for about 5 years now.

Below is my situation.

I have just completed my Hospital Project in Africa (About 35 beds for now, with opportunity to expand). I will not run the hospital myself as I reside in United States, but I want it to start up with EMR so we have everything electronic from day 1.

Here is my question:

Is it possible to configure OpenEMR to run on local computers within Local Area Network (LAN) without internet access and then upload itself to a cloud base storage nightly (every 24-hour)?. I have read a litle about being able to run it on a single local computer, but I am looking for possibility of several computers/log in access.

Here is My Plan

PART 1: To have OpenEMR operate on LAN with no internet access, on multiple computers (Receptionist/Registration, Nurses station, Laboratory, Xray room, Ultrasound and EKG room, Emergency room, Consulting room 1, Consulting room 2 and ICU)

As soon as receptionist/registration register a patient, Nurses should be able to access the patient chart and record vitals, and physicians should also be able to access and document, laboratory, imaging, EKG should also be able to upload the patien’t result simultaneously, all these to happen without internet connection. Then every patients record should upload to a cloud storage every night through internet.

PART 2: To have a separate portal through internet where patient can be able to schedule appointment from wherever they are, or sign up as a new patient and book appointment to come see physicians onsite at our outpatient clinic.

Is all these possible within OpenEMR?, if possible can someone point me in the right direction to get tutorials for installation?

Thank you.

Question - when you say “no Internet access” do you mean never? When will the hospital upload the most recent info to the cloud?

Hello Daniel
There will be internet, i just want to separate the EMR from it in our daily access. Internet could really be very slow sometime and i do not want that to cause delay in services to patient.
Thank you.

@Nikz then you can keep one server and within lane you can use the OpenEMR system for hospital.