Staff Attendance and salary management

Is there an add on to enable attendance of staff and salary management?

Hello @Robert_James
‘Enable attendance of staff’ is not very descriptive, can you expand on that with what sort of ‘enabling’ you’re trying to accomplish?

You used the term, ‘attendance’ which makes me wonder if the existing ‘groups’ module might be manipulated to serve:

Details, please :slightly_smiling_face:
Best- Harley

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likely something like that.

@tatakai @Robert_James
Interesting product, that attendance tracker.
No, OpenEMR has nothing like that, and since the Groups module is oriented to monitoring patient attendance in therapy groups on encounter forms I’d guess it’d take a fair amount of modification to adapt it to tracking staff attendance.

However, I suspect it would not be too terribly difficult to build some utility that parses the system log for users logging in and out, and building reports from that data. And then of course, you could always add forms and reports to manage various personnel factors… sounds like a v useful module somebody might build and contribute to the project!
Best- Harley

In case people new to OpenEMR and FOSS are not familiar with how the project grows and improves, one way is for contributed code to be incorporated into the codebase. For something like this, a customer would pay a professional developer to build their WonderModule. Then when it’s all de-bugged and integrated, it is offered for donation to the OpenEMR project. If it is accepted it becomes a new feature of OpenEMR and the donor is famed throughout the Community for contributing the WonderModule !
Just saying… :slight_smile:

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