SSO implementation into OpenEMR

Hi @stephenwaite and @brady.miller ,

I am implementing SSO into OpenEMR there another healthcare application user want to login automatically into OpenEMR I have implemented below flow into OpenEMR @stephenwaite and @brady.miller can you please tell if that is correct or not

  1. Created same user and password into OpenEMR
  2. Then I have updated the token api we have into OpenEMR
  3. And added the emr_token object property into it and that property is coming from the api_token table
  4. From other application I have hitting to main_screen.php with emr_token, username and auth(SSOLogin)
  5. Also I have modified the global.php, auth.inic.php, AuthorizationController.php, AuthUtils.php

I will share code with you as well @stephenwaite


hi @Nilesh_Hake , have you looked into this issue?

Wouldn’t backend auth mechanism provided as part of FHIR be a better option?

Yes, yes, yes
I put the mechanism in the authorization and authentication server login dialog.
It’d be treated like openemr is a third party provider would be one way to go.

@stephenwaite yes I will take the look of issue

Yes I did name way @sjpadgett and its working fine on the server