Speech dictation

Does anyone use speech dictation software, and if so, what is your experience?
Do you use Dragon or something else?
Thank you!

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Most of our clients use Dragon medical edition

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I use Dragon Medical 10.1 and am quite satisfied with it. In order to get the most accuracy (and avoid making frequent corrections), a high-quality microphone is needed, such as the Phillips Speechmike. Because many of the Dragon Medical functions don’t work in Firefox, I generally dictate into a Word document, then copy/paste to OpenEMR.

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Are there any notable setup steps with this or is it very easy to get hooked into OpenEMR?

Because OpenEMR is browser based what @ptalerico mention applies. Dragon is installed to the OS and does the typing for the user. So, it is not and cannot be directly connected to OEMR to my knowledge.

What did you have in mind @MatthewVita?

I see. With it being OS-level based, OpenEMR “just works” with it.


If I’m understanding correctly. The objective is to use a mic to verbally notate free form encounter information. It may be cool to advertise this “out of the box” feature on the main feature wiki page: OpenEMR Features > Electronic Medical Records > Forms and clinical notes > Speech dictation capable (which will be a new page) with detailed instructions on how to get Simon working (which is open source!). You can place a link at the bottom saying that Dragon is another option, but it’s commercial.

@brady.miller would like your thoughts here… I believe this is worth advertising because I’m sure this will come up again. However, I realize Simon is not necessarily “native” to the installed solution so that’s why I want your thoughts - if anything, this is just a good opportunity for some nice documentation around it.


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Okay, and 2 hours later I got Simon hooked up and running Firefox. “Page up” and “page down” works, but I can’t figure out how to get it to enter into the OpenEMR dictation notes encounter data.

Anyways, I’ll wait for feedback before proceeding. Very interesting project.

@MatthewVita, I have not used any speech to text software other than my phone. I would assume it is the same for Simon. Should you click in the text box where you want the text to appear and then start speaking?

Didn’t you do a Dragon setup?

It has been a lot of years since I last used Dragon. But again, Dragon is a third party software package that needs no integration with the OpenEMR.

Right, right, but it’s very important to document how to set this up for our users. This is why I brought up Simon. If we have a wiki page on how to get it all working, that would be great.

Did some quick research and found


Like I said it has been awhile and it looks like they have taken off and made vast improvements on integration with EHR software vendors.

As I understand it, Dragon just works, there’s nothing we could do to offer specific guidelines on using it with OpenEMR - especially if some users are finding they need to dictate into a Word document first.

Generally it’s a straightforward workflow: put cursor where you want to “type”, flip on microphone, begin dictating

Thanks guys. I agree that it “just works”, but we should document how to set up Dragon (non-free) and Simon (free) with our system. We are not advising the users to use it, it’s just there to be a helpful guide. This is similar to how we have the Twilio (non-free) documentation in place on the wiki

Is this agreeable?

Seems like we’d just be rewriting their documentation. Not worth it, in my opinion.

Hi Robert,

We don’t want to rewrite their documentation, but we should have a wiki page that points to the documentation and gives advice on setting this all up in the context of OpenEMR.

As far as Simon goes (the free/open source option). Oh my gosh is the documentation bad and the solution is still not working for me! I really hope to get it working so low resources user can make use of it (Dragon may be too pricey). Perhaps the documentation I create will be helpful to the Simon team.

Anyways, I am volunteering to do this project once the cTAKES project is out of the way. I agree with the comments that Dragon is pretty much plug and place, but I do want to make sure that a) it is known that Dragon and Simon are the options and b) links and helpful tips are provided so the user is up and running.


Is this agreeable?

If you’re up for doing the work, it’s fine with me

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