Sort order for drop lists not working as configured

In a new encounter form we choose ‘add issues’. Whatever list we choose the values are presented in alphabetical order even though in admin/globals/appearance the option for
‘how to sort a drop list’ is set to ‘sort by seq’ - we were expecting that the sequence specified in the list editor for the associated list would be followed in this case.

e.g. issue type ‘surgery’ does not follow the order for the ‘surgery issue list’ set in the list editor i.e. when we added a new value and specified it be first in the order.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version
7.0.0 and 6.1.0

I’m using: firefox

Operating System
I’m using: openSuseLinux with docker

nothing relevent

Hi @ruth -
I think the short answer is, if you really need to know WHY it works that way you’ll have to directly ask a developer. Otherwise the only thing to do is just accept how it works and accommodate your workflows to that.

Looking at the issues list it’s clear it has a lot of things going on-- like, where are the ‘subtypes’ used? Where are the ICD codes used? Makes me think that multiple code routines in the EMR use these lists. I have a nickel that says the other routines have requirements of the lists that make them need to behave in ways not like regular lists that follow the usual list editor rules.

Looks like if you can get the items you need on the list, that may have to be good enough, even if they’re not in the desired order.

Good luck!

  • Harley