SOAP notes improvements


(Tyran Mincey) #1

The SOAP notes module can be much greater than it currently is. I have some suggestions for improvement.
All practices have a repetitive nature to them. Patients typically come in witt common compliants. For each part of the the SOAP we can add a drop down menu that allows us to select from common complaints, this should also give the practiotoner the option of adding in their own words common subject of complaints that they may encounter;
For example as a subject - “the patient admits chronic headaches.” If we have to typed this each time it is time consuming, but if we had a drop down option or check box of options that we could click and these would all thenpopulate the “S” field of the SOAP note application we could complete the notes much faster.
Each part of the SOAP acronym would have its own drop down and this could take a five minute SOAP and turn it intot a 1 minute fully compniant SOAP. All that is needed ia data base field for each letter of “SOAP” with a text based customizable drop down each user based on their field and practice experiences. It coudl work like the products moduel worked in previous verisons as a drop or or a check box option in the current module. Any thoughts?


Are you using the built-in SOAP form? Try creating an LBF SOAP form with nation notes. You’ll find tutorials on the wiki and in YouTube.

(Tyran Mincey) #3

Yes. Ok I will try this.