SNOMED Unable to extract the file

I am trying to upload the SNOMED and I am getting this message as per the attached image

Please note that my post_max_size = 1500 M and memory_limit= 1500 M I hope that somone can help me with this issue as per the log It did not caputer anything realted SNOMED only statments where No space left in device
OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0.2

I’m using: Tried multiple browser Google Chorme and Fire Fox

Operating System
I’m using: Cpanel Cloud based linuex system

Did you check the logs?
[17-Apr-2024 04:29:23 Asia/Dubai] PHP Warning: Undefined array key “drug_code” in /home/caqu79qe/public_html/ on line 493
[17-Apr-2024 04:29:23 Asia/Dubai] PHP Warning: Undefined variable $tres in /home/caqu79qe/public_html/ on line 640
[17-Apr-2024 04:31:57 Asia/Dubai] PHP Warning: ZipArchive::extractTo(): No space left on device in /home/caqu79qe/public_html/ on line 72

The SNOMED reference data files are quite large, so depending on the limitations of your CPanel instance, it’s quite possible that you are indeed running out of space when the data loader attempts to extract and parse the source files.
You may need to either increase your available storage, or modify the system to use a different temporary directory with more capacity while performing the SNOMED import.

What would be the approximately SNOMED file size is it more than 500 GB

It’s a bit under 4GB when uncompressed and extracted. You need to look at where the tmp folder for your running environment is, and how much space is available on that filesystem. A common issue on various cloud/hosting platforms is virtual servers or containers with very small root filesystems.