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SMS service integration

Hello Team,
I recently came across integration of short messaging service like Twilio in openemr.
Following the same guide of short message service setup is it possible to integrate other messaging services the ones which we desire to use in openemr rather than Twilio?

Please guide.
awaiting your reply

Hi @anagha,
Currently my module supports RingCentral and Twilio however, these two vendors are each represented as a class where adding a new vendor class is doable. Though my abstract class to RC and Twilio is incomplete, as long as you follow the pattern of the two implemented classes, you’ll be fine.

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Thank you sir for your valuable guidance, we will try our hands on it.

MedEx has integrated multiple SMS and voice trunks under one hood for reliability and redundancy inside of OpenEMR. If you are developing new connections then follow Jerry P’s suggestions. If you are a practice looking for reliable messaging of all varieties for reaching your patients today (Reminders, Recalls, Announcements, No Show letters, TeleMedicine platform and more), please take a look at MedEx. Replies and message updates are displayed in the Calendar, Flow Board and Recall Board. Simply check the “Enable MedEx Communication Service” in Globals and sign-up. You should have the latest patches to get the best results. We are committed to lowering prices for OpenEMR users as user base grows, while providing continued financial support back into the OpenEMR Foundation.


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Thank you sir