SMS 2way setup with patient confirmation


I need assistance with 2 way SMS setup with Clickatell as the provider.
Here’s what I’ve done.

  1. Setup a Clickatell account
  2. Created a New SMS setup in Clickatell
  3. Registered a Long Number for 2 way chat
  4. Created a campaign for customer notification
  5. Now I have an API key for OpenEMR

Reference: Getting started - Clickatell

What are the next steps to move forward with successful SMS notifications and 2 way response for appointment confirmation and cancellations?

@growlingflea I did some searching on the forum and saw a few years ago you mentioned updating the Clickatell API here: CLickatel two-way text messaging - Currrent code is out of date

Is that code inside OpenEMR or if you have something private perhaps you could connect with @sovratec and work something out. - Thanks.

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Hi there, Sorry for the late reply. I have code that works well for rel-501 and I am currently working on a module so its available for others to use. Just this week I learned that because of new US Laws for 2022 we need to have a campaign and a brand in order to send messages from a 10 digit number.

I am happy to assist you. The current code in the base is out of date. If you want 2-way texting you will need more code than the community provides.

The next few days are pretty busy for me but feel free to reach out to me and I can assist you getting up and running. I should have a working module in the next two weeks, so depending on your timeline I can make it available for you. The module I am working on is pediatrician-specific since we send the same SMS alert to multiple phones.

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Got 2 way working for me using Clickatell SMS API. Will make it available soon

Wow. I would love help with implementing this! @sovratec