Smart Health Cards (SMART on FHIR)

As used in a local Pharmacy or clinic will OpenEMR be able to generate valid Smarth Health Cards
for vaccination records of patients ?

I briefly looked through the SMART Health Cards specification and while we support the Patient/Immunization endpoint we do not currently support the /Patient/:id/$health-cards-issue operation that the SMART Health Cards spec calls for. So the answer is that OpenEMR cannot generate valid Smart Health Cards right now.

If you are interested in paying for the development of this this project through the OpenEMR foundation just let us know as this would be a good core functionality to add to OpenEMR. There are probably OpenEMR vendors who can build this for you also.

In the EU, almost any pharmacy will be able to generate the Digital Green Passport. For US users, many states provide this.

Also for EU, ask if your vaccine registry system generates this for you.
I also looked briefly at the SMART Health Cards website which seems to mostly deal with Covid TESTS. The laboratory or a national app like Covid-Warn will generate a QR code for you.