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Smart App refresh_token v6 API

So I’m having difficulty finding the refresh token for my smart app when I register it, where would I get this from if it is not provided when I register my app via: https://localhost:9300/interface/smart/register-app.php

I added a JSON Web Key Set URI with my public and private keypairs in a json file as well but not sure how OpenEMR utilizes it.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Seth, I appreciate the offer but I’m looking for guidance so I can document the process and share it with others who might run into the same issues.

If this is the wrong place to ask this sort of question then my apologies but this is not me looking to hire someone to do this for me, thanks.

Ben don’t worry about some of the replies on this thread. Many times they’re spamming.
I’m banning this user as they were banned in the past from posting and looks like they can still send PM’s.

This thread is usually used by folks looking to hire dev’s etc.

I’m not sure about solution for registering via smart-app. I want to assume you would still need to hit our token endpoint to grab an access token where you’d get a refresh token as well.

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@sjpadgett That’s what I’m trying to figure out I just don’t know where to get the refresh_token from.

I register my smart app then use postman to hit this endpoint: https://localhost:9300/oauth2/default/token

with this as my body or a URL encoded form in postman


When I register my smart app this is all I get back

Thanks again guys.

@sjpadgett is there any other way I can trigger an FHIR export from within the webserver or OEMR?


Hello @benmarte

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