Skeleton Module evolution

First I would like to say thanks to you for your diligence in making a good thing better. I have been keeping up with the evolution of the module system. It would have been nice to have been in some of the engineering meetings about the construction and design of the module system.

The module skeleton has fallen out of date.

@sjpadgett I am writing about the latest changes to the module that you are working into the module system.
The pre-patch release that you shared has me puzzled. I added the version file to the module and the version on the module screen does not change. Will this be a future implementation?

I noticed that you are adding support for patches and upgrades. That means I will have to learn how to do releases on Git Hub.

But before my question gets lost. The version is not showing on the modules page. Is that a future implementation?

Here is my adaptation of a skeleton module. It is a scaled-down version of the @adunsulag published module with some suggestions we developed.

version wont show until installed

I created the version file after I had installed the module for the first time. I installed the module on a new instance and the version populated.
Thanks @sjpadgett