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Site ID is missing from session data!

Trying to login into openEMR . Installed Xampp as a service. Services starting fine. But when I try to login, getting the error “Site ID is missing from session data!” . and also I am not able to add any new users into users table.

strange… works absolutely fine with firefox, but above error seen only in chrome

In chrome, try it after deleting your browser history and cache.

Remember, this error stems from the Sessions variables not being recognized. If you have been logged in for a long time without activity, you will see this error. Also, I believe this will also happen if you lose connectivity for a certain period of time, then try to access OpenEMR again. This can happen for both remote and local hosts.

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@growlingflea @brady.miller Now I’m seeing this as well at first login. Site ID is missing from session data!

I’m using Red Hat’s OpenEMR Kube deployment.

By first login do you mean from a fresh install? Have you been able to log in successfully before?

Hi Rachel,

No, unfortunately that is what happens during the initial deployment. Is this a database issue?

As a side note, I forked Red Hat’s project and I’m writing instructions for my Capstone project to make OpenEMR super easy to deploy on’s free-tier. openemr-kube-1/ at nix_capstone · ryannix123/openemr-kube-1 · GitHub

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You want to make sure your sites/default/sqlconfig.php has the correct credentials. This is the file that is in your www directory.