Site ID is missing from session data! (All tabs)

Hello friends, I really need your help, after I left the server turned off (Google Cloud), I went to turn on the OpenEMR instance, and I’m having this problem in all tabs. I can log into the system perfectly, it brings up the results of the patient’s consultation as shown in the print, but after that, nothing opens, I can try to access any part of the menu, and it always returns with the message “Unknown → Site ID is missing from session data!”, can someone save me? Because I have the system stopped for this reason. Note: I checked some posts on this topic, but even trying to fix them I still have the problem.

Hi @BrunoMendes
I am not a dev but I’m a whiz at the forum search tool.
Try clicking this link and seeing what has caused that error for others (most recent posts first):

Good luck!

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Oh right: here’s the DIY version:

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