Single Sign-on where OpenEMR is the Identity Provider: any luck getting this running

@adunsulag @sjpadgett
Hi all. I am looking to enable SSO for an service provider where OpenEMR is the identity provider. Has anyone done this yet? This way when we log into OpenEMR it logs us into the service provider’s site.

From what I understand I need the following:
Provider ID
Entity ID

Is there anything else that I might be missing?

Don’t know about SAML w/ OpenEMR though I’ve done SAML implementations in the past. If someone has a private module or configuration that might be available but I don’t know of any SAML setup inside of OpenEMR.

If you are looking for SSO implementation then our current OAUTH + OpenID Connect should be usable for you as an implementation for OpenEMR as the identity provider. I know the login mechanism and id_token stuff is all working. I haven’t personally tested the logout feature of our OpenID Connect, but I’m assuming it works since Jerry built it.

If you have to use SAML then I’d search the forums and see if anyone has done anything there.

I’ve actually been thinking of trying to implement it too. Have you tried it with the Azure B2C stuff? I might sit down one day and try to figure it out.

At a high level, could you talk this through so I can try to get a grasp on how to build this into a module?