Sicknote / Medical certificate document

I have added the sicknote/medical certificate.
My problem is how to download in pdf or print in some way to be given to patient
Thank you


Hello @Wilfred_Galea
Can you please share how you added the sick note/ medical certificate?
That makes a large difference in how it is printed or downloaded.
Thanks- Harley

Hi Wilfred,
I am an extreme neebie with Open EMR and would like to be able to print various letters or certificates for the patient.
Could you please share with me how you did this?

Hi @David_Wende
OpenEMR has a couple ways to make forms and documents; ‘Document Templates’ are probably what you’re looking for. Note that any docs you see for templates before OpenEMR 5.0 are not going to work in a modern version.
Although templates were originally intended for producing documents filled out by the patient when logged into their portal, they can also be used by clinic staff outside the portal, working in the EMR.

Also, this very forum has a lot of information on templates, just do a search and read the posts-- but be sure to check the OpenEMR version is 5+, and know that a lot of updates to the capability were made in the past year for version 7.0

These templates print out using the browser printing dialog so may be output as pdfs if you select the printing device, ‘print to pdf’

Good luck, and come on back to the forum if you develop specific questions.
Best- Harley

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