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Shift schedule with different attention intervals

Hello everybody.
1 - I need to configure the shift schedule, with different intervals depending on the professional or the center (either option is available to me). For example, clinic 1 professionals every 15 minutes, clinic 2 professionals every 30 minutes. Is this possible?
2 - Can the color of the shifts be configured according to each professional? I tried to do it with new categories but I have not had any luck.

I have openEMR 5.0.2 (5) installed on win 10 under xampp

Hi @mlobo4370
It’s been a while since I used it but as I recall, the calendar has categories of appointments which may be configured to last different lengths of time.
I do not think the appointments can be created in precisely the manner you mention, but you could make a category for ‘clinic 1 Dr x’ and the time that appointment lasts for that Dr. And the categories can be different colors, so making them for each Dr like that, would make the appointment slots the different colors for each Dr. Does that sound like it’d suit?

It sounds like you’ve been working with categories so this info may be redundant:

Here’s the wiki page that shows the configuration:
It is an old set of instructions but the applicable steps still work.

The appointment category would be selected when the appointment is made (first pic below)
This shows the list of currently active categories, which is where you’d see “clinic 1 Dr x”

Category config is found at Administration/ Other/ Calendar, then click the ‘Categories’ link on that page (2nd pic below)

Each category on the appointment list will have its config section here (3d pic below)

Good luck!

  • Harley



Thank you very much !!!, the time you dedicate to helping us is incredible. I had seen this but could not configure it. Now with this tutorial I will try again. When programming a duration of 30 minutes, are the two shifts blocked when searching for the next available shift? What would happen if they are put every 20 minutes with these options? thanks again

thank you. I have done it. but I have two doubts. Is there a way to duplicate the input and output table to be able to put different colors depending on the professional? on the other hand I have seen that in the categories there are 3 options, professional, patient and clinic, the latter for what and how it is used. thanks

Hello @mlobo4370 If I understand the question, you should be able to make a distinct category for each professional at each facility, and give each one its own color. Eg:
Facility 1 Dr A - Blue
Facility 1 Dr B - Yellow
Facility 2 Dr A - Green
Facility 2 Dr B - Orange
If the categories are named like that (e.g., “Facility 1 Dr A”) then when you open the category in the appointment dropdown, (first pic above) that is what will be displayed to choose from.

Does that sound like what you’re looking for?
Best- Harley

As far as you seeing 3 options, ‘professional, patient and clinic’, I do not see those.
My OpenEMR demo is configured to schedule group therapies in addition to regular appointments, so when I open the appointment dialog I see 3 options, ‘patient’, ‘provider’ and’groups’, as in the first picture in this post.
Can you send a screenshot of what you see?

  • HT