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Setup OpenEMR for Mac

Good Afternoon,

My name is Lonnie Jones and I am the Co-Owner of BeyondMed. We are looking to use Open EMR and need some guidance on how to setup an account.

I have a Mac computer but I will be using a Dell computer when it I receive in a couple of weeks. We just wanted to get started and start becoming familiar with the platform before going live.

Any guidance on how to setup openEMR would greatly be appreciated.

I went to the download section on the website, but I did not see an option for a Mac operating system

Thank you,
Lonnie Jones, NP-C

Would you consider having virtual box on your Mac running ubuntu?
You can look the demo if only to get oriented while dell pc arrives:

Installation on Mac for an older version of openemr.

Thank you so much for your response!! For not being an IT person I think waiting for my windows will definitely help make things less complicated ! I appreciate your time.

Thank you so much for you time!!! This really helps me understand what is needed to run this program. It seems it would be best if I just wait for my Dell to get here to make things less complicated. Thank you again and I appreciate your help !!