Session issue woth the DEMO portal

Dear Developers,
I have issues with your DEMO-portal .
I can login to the DEMO portal (as physician) and do some actions, but after about 40 seconds the system kills the session and I have to re-login.

Can you have a look on it?
Cheers Steffen

hi @dmq2007 , Thanks for reporting this. I instituted a feature to prevent users from modifying the passwords (does this every 60 seconds), but I am just realizing that it will break OpenEMR for users currently logged in. Will revert this change and reset demos asap.

fixed it :slight_smile:

Dear Brady,

thanks for the fast respond and the fix. The applications looks amazing for an open source project!

I’m also involved with comparable application for medical industries …

Just a small idea for the password change prevention. May be you implement a user setting, that denies password change for this user …

Just an other question, because I’m evaluationg this application for a small group of interdisciplinary physician ladies in my town Jena (Germany).

Is the application development still activ and keeps with PHP upgrades?

Cheers Steffen

hi @dmq2007 ,

Agree that some type of demo global setting (preventing demo users from modifying with the core users) will be best for this for future, however, takes longer to get these things into the stable version (since need patch release etc.). Am working out a solution here that should get what we want (it only resets the password salt/hash if the password has been modified) until get a better fix into the stable version (this quick fix is not as ideal as your global setting idea though since a bad user can still break things for users that are logged in at the same time on the demo):
solution to prevent password changing on online demos by bradymiller · Pull Request #34 · openemr/demo_farm_openemr · GitHub

Yes, the application development is still very active. Can see ongoing commits to the codebase (average of at least a commit a day):
Commits · openemr/openemr · GitHub

And ongoing pull requests of ongoing work:
Pull requests · openemr/openemr · GitHub

Ongoing ONC 2015 certification development:

We try to stay way ahead of the curve with PHP versions. Currently works with most recent PHP (PHP 8) and have some basic automated testing that happens without issues on PHP 8.1-dev .


Hi Brady,

thank you for the comments.

Cheers, Steffen