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Selling/Buying OpenEMR-based solutions

Good afternoon!
Could anyone, please, advise me on any site/community where OpenEMR-based solutions are bought/sold? I’m interested in some new or customized extensions or addons for day-to-day use that can significantly improve the performance of a basic version of the system
Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your question. This is the very thing that we are trying to build in the community. There is not currently a site like what you are asking. But I am hoping your question (which I am sure others have as well) will encourage OpenEMR developers to come onboard and start posting addons.

What types of addon’s are you searching for?

Thank you for your reply, @juggernautsei!
I’m currently looking for some solutions that can ease the use of the basic OpenEMR system. For example, specialized form-builder for practices, integrated solutions for applying the claims to the clearinghouses or built-in POS, ways to implement any CDS-rules, and so on. I guess that every physician faced these questions while installing OpenEMR, so it would be nice to find the ways they solved the problems

@Vitaly some of what you are requesting is already built into the program.
Below is the manual, such as it is, for the program.

You can find that Sample Layout Based Visit Form
can do a lot of things with creating forms. You may need to hire a developer to add functionality to the forms that go beyond just filling in the form.
There is also the OpenEMR Xml Form Generator. This is another way to create forms in the system. There is a third options but I can’t remember at the moment what is is called. I will find it and update this thread.
Billing is taken care of Basic Billing and

I am not sure of the difference between CDS and CDR
File:Clinical Decision Rules Manual.pdf -

hi @juggernautsei, is the 3rd option contributed forms?

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@stephenwaite looks like CMOS was taken out of the system and I can’t find nations note either.

@Vitaly. You should post here regularly for answers to your questions before hiring a developer. More than likely most of what you need is already in the program. You just need to learn where it is located and how to activate and utilize.

hi @juggernautsei, you can add CAMOS/nation notes through the layout engine

Thanks a lot! I’ll try to find out more about these opportunities!