Secure Messaging oddness?

Hi Jerry-
I’m writing up some wiki docs on the most excellent portal and noticed a couple things that made me think might lead to some confusion or avoidable errors.

When one is using Secure Messaging (Miscellaneous/ Portal Dashboard/ Mail) and gets a message from the portal, replying to it brings a popup labeled ‘Forward Message’, rather than ‘Reply’.
Then, in the ‘To:’ dropdown, it appears that all staff and all patients are listed. Not limited to the portal- authorized staff, or the original sender of the email.
Am I seeing that right?

I’d be afraid that even in a medium sized practice that list would get pretty huge and make it really easy to mis- select the recipient. And the ‘Forward’ label on the ‘Reply’ panel made me do a double- take— did I accidentally click the Forward button?

Your thoughts?
Best- Harley


This was working well and the reason I added portal user to Users.
May have broken through twigifying or php 8 changes. I’ll look into and get back to you tomorrow.

Okay this works as designed. For providers available in To list pulldown we need to be able to forward or send message to any auth provider. In the portal however only portal auth users are available.

I get the point concerning selecting providers or patients i.e. contact list, as designed, is really not great for usability so the dropdown needs a search or select2.

Concerning Reply and Forward the icons are correct but I guess confusing.

I’ll probably stick the reply button with the forward button and label.
Patients aren’t allowed to forward but can send images in message.

Usually the way dashboard should work is one or two admins review actions and dispatch to necessary clinician or possibly resolve themselves.

I just don’t know how long it will take me to do the improvements but if you are doing the documentation(thank you btw!) I’ll make it a priority.

Hope I covered what you need @htuck

I made some changes.

  • Only portal users in drop downs.
  • Consolidated Reply, Forward and Trash with the selected message. Removed them from top menu.
  • Haven’t implemented a search on dropdown until I decide if I want to continue support on feature.

I should have this in master tonight if you want to test on dev demo: OpenEMR Login

This is an example of sharing your booboo’s with clinicians if you want to include in wiki. You have to drag and drop or copy/paste to use images. I may add attachments soon.

Hi Jerry @sjpadgett -
This is very cool, thanks for the extra work and clarification.
Yes, I’m trying to update the portal docs from v5 to include all the tremendous new functionality that was added for 6.+. There’s so much especially around the templates that to keep the docs manageable and at an entry level, for some features I’ve been reduced to simply giving the URLs to the relevant forum posts.
I’ll work these changes into the docs, and note their future appearance. But none of these will be in OpenEMR releases before v7.0.0(3), right?
Best- Harley

Hi Harley,
First thank you on behalf of the community for all the help with documentation and response to forum issues in general. Greatly appreciated.
Nothing wrong with forum links as I generally document to the forum. I just don’t like using wiki.
However having the problem with documentation being behind could be looked on as a good thing. It means we are always improving, right?.:wink:

Actually even though I may do a hot patch for those needing some fixes soon, we plan to do a general new release, v7.0.1, in the next couple weeks. There won’t be a patch 3.

Also may be important to note one more change I’m getting ready to push regarding if there aren’t any portal users assigned I will default to the first administrator until he/she/other get tired of getting hammered with portal actions and assign someone to be a portal user.:slight_smile:


Hi Jerry-
Thanks for the strokes, it’s good to have something one enjoys doing be valuable, eh?

Re: the wiki, I know a lot of people have issues with it being so old school, but until somebody builds another more modern docs repo it serves its purpose well, and it’s what we have. And it’s what I know, so I’ll use it!

I think that defaulting admin to being the first portal user is a v reasonable way to do it. For the reason you mentioned, plus it will let a new OEMR/ portal instance work right off the bat instead of having to read the docs to figure out why it isn’t :slight_smile:

Best- HT

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