Secondary insurance not always showing up on CMS 1500 form

When we print cms 1500 forms, sometimes the secondary insurance (box 9, 9a) doesn’t print on the form. I’ve looked to find out why and I’m stumped. We have instances where the same combination of primary and secondary will sometimes print on the forms and sometimes not. The problem isn’t specific to certain patients either. Some encounters for a certain patient will print fine but other encounters for the same patient won’t.

The issue also doesn’t change by trying it at a later time. If an encounter isn’t going to print correctly then it won’t print correctly later on. The encounters that do print correctly, will print correctly later.

Does anyone know what’s happening and/or how to fix it?


hi @bearzillasquatch , sounds like you found a bug. You can report it in detail at Issues · openemr/openemr · GitHub, thank you.