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We are using V6, patch 2.

In the patient finder if I am doing a search in the name field, I cannot search for both first and last names.

In our system, we are displaying patients as lastname, firstname. If I enter the string lastname in the search field, I can see this patient. If I enter lastname, (with the comma) or lastname (with a space), nothing is displayed. Same as when I try to do something with the values for firstname.

Is there a way to be able to search by both first and last names here? Am I doing something wrong in the config perhaps?


think that’d be a new feature @midder, you have to use Patient->New/Search for compound searches

When I do Patient -> New/Search it doesn’t work either.

I submitted this a while back: Patient Search Not Working?

When I include any criteria in the form and click search, it brings up all (55K!) patient records.

I’ll review the datatable implementation on the search and see if there’s something I can submit as a PR there.

thanks, that’s a :bug: for sure

It seems like the search in general here is pretty basic and doesn’t work as expected.

For example, when I try to search for a patient by DOB I must input YYYY-MM-DD format, no matter what format I have my dates set at. My providers are telling me that this is not intuitive for them and they would prefer to enter MM/DD, as they sometimes may not have/know the year to input. But that results in a datatable json error.

I also think it’s not intuitive to have multiple inputs at the top of the columns if those inputs do not result in a compound search, as you say. That’s not a good user experience.

I’m surprised at how much grief I’m getting over this issue. They say that it worked much differently (and as they expected) in previous versions.

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in previous versions when you clicked in the search fields they would highlight and that would trigger the javascript to modify the url that calls patient_select.php, will see if there’s an easy fix

in the bootstrap cleanup search color and background color in new_comprehensive.php was removed by mistake

fix will be in patch 3