Scroll across all encounters data

This is a suggestion, which makes seeing the patients progress on various medicines across various encounters date by date.
If there is a inbuilt option to scroll thro all the encounter data with a mouse…

Right now there is no such option, but a way around i found is to keep creating encounters each time the pt comes for a checkup and keep recording individual enteries of that encounter.

and ALSO
in the first encounter > clinical notes, keep adding data of all encounters date wise by clicking add button and chosing the appropriate date. This way it gives a flow chart of events, dont have to open and close different encounters again and again.

If we can scroll thro the different encounters it would be great.

Hi @Robert_James
That’s pretty cool! Considering that it is customary to create an encounter every time a patient comes in for a checkup anyway, this looks like a useful routine for some things and not too difficult to implement.
For a related function OpenEMR has had a ‘Track Anything’ feature since v 4.2x. With it you can add a chart of any numeric clinical data to an encounter form.
Good job!

  • Harley

Where can we download it from htyck. Its not there in modules.


@Robert_James As the wiki page linked in the previous post shows, this is not a module but a form, located in the Unregistered section of the Forms Administration.
Granted, the images in the documentation used to show OpenEMR v4 up to this morning when I added a pic from the public v7.0.1 demo.
Best- HT

@htuck , i installed the form track anything, but its not showing up inder clinical.

PS: ok now it is there.