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fnv4a wrote on Sunday, July 21, 2013:


In regards to an in-house Pharmacy, is there a way to automatically add selling prices for drugs so they may automatically show up in the Prescription form (at the “Save and Dispense” option)?

The way I currently see it is, that if there’s an in-house Pharmacy and a provider makes a prescription, saves it for the in-house pharmacy to “save and dispense”, the guy at the in-house pharmacy would now have to use his own methods outside of OpenEMR to get the prices for the prescribed drugs and enter this manually?

So coming back to my question; is there a way for selling pricing to automatically come up in the prescription instead of manually having to add the same? or, can this be done through “Services” (but how would that be linked with Prescription)?

Would really appreciate some guidance on this, pls.

Thanks in anticipation.

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fsgl wrote on Monday, July 22, 2013:

In the Add Drug dialog, the price can be inserted next to the NDC number. Functions relating to the dispensary can be performed in the top of the split screen.

The encounter, fee sheet (which had been previously populated with the price) and payment (if self-pay) can be easily handled from the bottom of the split screen.

The split screen saves toggling back and forth .

Billing for medical services continues to be a multi-step process and it appears to be true for the dispensary as well, at least in the United States. Because reimbursement for pharmaceuticals often involves insurance billing, it will remain a multiple stage process.

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fnv4a wrote on Monday, July 29, 2013:

Thanks, FSGL.

This would still mean having to (manually) total the cost of dispensed drugs outside of OpenEMR?

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fsgl wrote on Monday, July 29, 2013:

You are welcome.

If an adding machine is not an acceptable solution, Fees->Checkout will tally charges. Chances are that other services would have been rendered to the patient before he came to the dispensary, therefore customization to tease out the drug total would be necessary. A developer will have to help you with that modification.

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have been able to show “price” by changing files
1/-C_Prescription.class (by adding p.pr_price from price table to the array passed to general_edit)

$res = sqlStatement("SELECT, d.ndc_number, d.form, d.size, " .
"d.unit, d.route, d.substitute, t.drug_id, t.selector, t.dosage, " .
"t.period, t.quantity, t.refills, d.drug_code, p.pr_price " .
"FROM drug_templates AS t, drugs AS d, prices AS p WHERE " .
“d.drug_id = t.drug_id and t.drug_id = p.pr_id ORDER BY t.selector”);

				$row['drug_code']  . ","   . //  11 rxnorm drug code
                                    $row['pr_price']   . "]"; //  12 

2/-general_edit (used it via f.fee.value)
f.fee.value= d[12];

function quantityChanged() {
var f = document.forms[0];
f.per_refill.value = f.quantity.value;
f.disp_fee.value=f.quantity.value * f.fee.value;

“Save and dispense” works fine, also shows the price
only “save” do not show the price??? working on it, any Ideas