Safari on iPad Crashing

(James Kay) #1

Has anyone else had problems with Safari on iPads crashing with OpenEMR? Our iPad’s Safari crashes several times per day when using OpenEMR, resulting in the loss of anything we were typing on the current form. We’re on OpenEMR 4.1.2. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy tab S2, which works fantastically well with OpenEMR, but was hoping to be able to continue to use the iPads.


Try Clearing the Cache (In Preferences->Privacy->Remove all Website Data).
You may also set it not cache website data (Preferences->Advanced->Show Develop in Menu). If it doesn’t show up immediately close and reopen Safari. You might have to Show Menu bar from settings gear.
Then Develop->Disable Cache.
Good Luck

(James Kay) #3

Thank you. I tried clearing the cache yesterday. We’ll see what happens today.

(Roberto Vasquez) #4

I have an ipad and openemr works good with firefox web browser.

(James Kay) #5

Yes, it would if we didn’t use NewCrop. Unfortunately, with NewCrop (for e-prescribing), a separate cookie is required for NewCrop to work in the iframe (?), and this is not allowed in Firefox for iPad as far as I can tell.

If it can be set to accept all cookies, that would be great, but I can’t find a way.

(Brady Miller) #6

hi @drkay ,

To confirm, are these Safari issues what you are seeing here:
Tabs Based interface with IFRAMES


(James Kay) #7

I discovered the problem with the crashes. Apparently, standard iPads do not have sufficient RAM to manage OpenEMR plus other tabs being open simultaneously. If the RAM gets overloaded, it crashes without an error message explaining why. We upgraded to (expensive!) iPad pros, and I no longer have the crashing issue. I still have to manually close and relaunch Safari a couple of times per day, because it will start acting strangely, but we can live with that.
I wish there were and Android tablet with a decent keyboard. I tried the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, but the keyboard was far too cramped for comfortable typing.


What version is your IOS?