RxNorm appears not working in Docker

Hello All,

I’m testing 5.0.2 in Docker and hoping to get some answer about the aforementioned topic.

I downloaded the RxNorm_full_11022020.zip from the NIH website and copied it into the openemr container at contrib/rxnorm. Then I registered it through Admin->Other->External Data Loads. The operation appeared successful as it showed the correct version under Installed Release. I also went to Admin->Lists->Code Types to enable RXCUI. The check box under the Drug column is also checked. But when I tried to add a new medication using RXCUI Medication it shows “No matching records found”.

Did I miss anything? Thanks for your help!


hi @chauct, we were just working on this :slight_smile:

Hi Stephen,

I did look at that post before posting my question.

I bumped the post_max_size to 300M but still got “LOAD SUCCESSFUL. Codes inserted: 0, replaced: 0”. The standardized_tables_track table is empty. Any idea where I should look next?


just use the “Current Prescribable Content Monthly Release”

I had tried this before and tried again as you suggested but still not working. I even tried the July version that @PeteBoyd had much luck with.

Just to be clear, I’m using the Docker production docker-compose.yml to bring openemr up.


The solution I described used Administration > Other > Native Data Loads, not External Data Loads.

I switched to using Native Load after reading your post but the problem still persists

hi @chauct, did you restart the openemr docker after changing the php setting?

Yes. otherwise it would have showed the error “POST-Content-Length… bytes exceeds the limit of…”.

What’s the easiest way to debug openemr? I’ve worked with other languages but this would be my first foray into PHP. :slight_smile:

ok, nice, you can follow the contributing guide

1st command in step 7 will show php error logs

I’m using the crudest form of debugging: error_log :wink:

It appears there’s something wrong with the POST uploads in Docker as it shows $_FILES[‘form_file’][‘size’] is ZERO and $_FILES[‘form_file’][‘tmp_name’] empty.

ok, some folks are using phpstorm with xdebug, step 19

did you check this setting in php?

    mysqli.allow_local_infile = On

Yes, It is ON.

Any idea why the upload file does not show up?

nope, should be fine, just tested on https://six.openemr.io/c/openemr/index.php with the weekly rxnorm

I have tested this on 2 different computers both running Ubuntu 20.04 with identical problem.

I just tried to upload a medical record (image type) and it works. Strange!

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Okay, I think the problem may appear to be a MIME related. I extracted the RXNCONSO.RRF and upload worked!

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Is this a browser thing or something needs to be changed on the server side?