Review of System Checks

Hi Team, please i am trying to edit the Review of System Checks, but when saved or wanted to edit, i dont see the changed name appeared in the save form of the Encounter. Please see images below

The part that says fever in the last photo is probably getting that text from the “id” or “name” part of the input. Both of those still say “fever”.

But be cautious what you change because in the database the column for that checkbox is called fever. Try changing the “name” field and the “for” field to malaria and see if that works without errors. If not then change the “name” field back to fever and change the “id” to malaria. And see if that works.

And you may find out that the text in the bottom pic comes from the database column name, in which case you’d have to change the database. If this is a new install that may not be an ordeal.

i got an error as i tried to change the “id” and name. So which file must i infect the changes

It sounds like the php code is directly equating the name and/or id to the name of the column in the database. I’d be very hesitant to change the name of a column in the database without knowing what code might break if you do change the name.

I’ll have to defer to others here that have a better understanding of the code base so that you can get the answer that best solves the problem you are having.