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Reversing insurance write-off on paybacks

Our billing person is starting to pull her hair out. We have several months of billing with an insurance company that keeps getting paid by the wrong (and lower) fee schedules. We keep bringing this to their attention and they reprocess the claims. The biller prints the EOB (EDI/ERA is another headache - not an OpenEMR problem) and proceeds to hand enter what is amounting to hundreds of claims now. She enter batch payments and enters all the information but then there is nowhere to reverse the write-off (Billed Amount - Allowable Amount) on the batch form so she has to go into each patient account individually to reverse this amount.

Is there another way to do this (besides EDI/ERA)? or is this a feature request?

hi @Michael_Farina, prob want to demo @sjpadgett’s :weight_lifting_man: pre-patch 4 and see if his batch payments rework is up to snuff

Downloaded - now waiting for a chance to play with it! :slight_smile:

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If I understand the problem, making adjustments to reallocate(on insurance company corrections) each line item is the correct(and only) way to do this. If she is doing write offs to the black hole global account then I added ability to return that write off back to payment balance.
E.g. after all line item allocations, she had a remainder balance(total payment - total item allocations) she wrote off to global on Finish Payment.