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Restrict Users to Facilities

visolveemr wrote on Monday, February 04, 2013:

Hi Brady/All,

in Current openemr, we believe the ‘Restrict Users to Facilities’ is not working fine.
If a user is scheduled or permitted to access only two facility from the facility list in administration->users the user should be able to view details about that two facility only.
but all the facility list are listed when logged in with that username. It should display only two facility to which the current user is mapped to.
The issues are in the following modules,
1. In appointment creation in calendar
2. in visit creation in ‘encounter’ form
3. all forms under leftNav reports page

If this is the issue, can we solve this ? or is already solved ?


bradymiller wrote on Wednesday, February 06, 2013:

Hi Ranjith,

I don’t think this feature has ever worked well. Here’s some more discussion related to this:

Please solve this :slight_smile:

Also, (on a completely unrelated matter) what is going on with the Date Internationalization code?


visolveemr wrote on Thursday, February 14, 2013:

Hi Brady,

We did Changed the “'Restrict Users to Facilities” in globals.

Out line:
When “'Restrict Users to Facilities” is not checked, we can create an appointment or encounter for all the facilities. (Drop down will show all the facilities)

When “'Restrict Users to Facilities” is checked, The facility drop down in appointment/encounter page, only list the scheduled facility list which is assigned to that user. In billing facility drop down we didn’t change anything. so it will list all the facilities.

Scroll bar added to the calendar to fit to show all the user even if the user is more.

It’s committed here.

Kindly verify the same and share your views.


bradymiller wrote on Sunday, February 17, 2013:

Hi Ranjith,
Getting odd behavior when not using “'Restrict Users to Facilities”, but I think this issue was there previously. So, still testing it to compare with previous behavior.

As per the OpenEMR wiki -

It is also possible for a provider to be linked to only one facility to see only his/her patients in that facility.
Set Administration->Features->Restrict Users to Facilities and then set the facility in Administration->Users.

We want to restrict Patients and doctors for a facility. Is it possible to achieve with the existing code? Or is there is some bug and we have to make changes to achieve this feature?

Hi udit_ideavate,

Have you checked with “OpenEMR Multiple Sites Module”?,
kindly check the following link


I have a module that restricts users to his own patients, instead of all of them. Ask me to see an example.

Interested to see that module @sergiors


Hello Damir

Enter user user33 and password user33

Check for a description of the system.

Ask me anything you need about this system.


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Hi Sergio,

I have checked the manual that you sent but didn’t quite understand how to restrict users to see only their own patients instead all of them…

Please advice

Thanks in advance

Damir Skenderovic