Restrict calendar access

How to restrict providers from accessing other provider/user calendar in openemr 7.0.2.

Hello @Yara_Munees
The globals settings will do that.
On the main menu (arrow in image below) go to Admin/ Config (it is ‘Admin/ Globals’ on older versions of OpenEMR)
Then in the side menu select ‘Calendar’ tab (oval)
Scroll down to the item, ‘Providers See Entire Calendar’ (round rectangle) and UNselect that.
Scroll to the top (or bottom) and click ‘Save’ to exit the Config screen.

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When the Dr logs in next time they should only see their own calendar.
However, you must be sure that they ONLY have the Physicians ACL selected in their user profile.

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I see many systems where all users are given ‘Administrator’ ACL and that will make the user see the whole calendar despite the global setting.

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I tried the global setting. But it is not working. It shows all calendar when log in with the user id with access control physician

I have since heard that even with only one provider’s calendar displaying, the method I suggested would still allow the provider to click on other providers’ names in the list and see their calendars.
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To the best of my knowledge the best way to completely restrict what a user can see is with the Patient Privacy Module, which can be installed at no charge. See the discussion here:

It’s fairly intricate to config but does the job well.
Best- Harley

Hi @Yara_Munees
you can manage access to calendars through the built-in user roles and permissions system. Here’s how you can set up access control for calendars in OpenEMR:
User Roles: OpenEMR has predefined user roles like “Receptionist,” “Admin,” and others. You can assign these roles to users based on their responsibilities.
Calendar Permissions: Navigate to the Administration section in OpenEMR and look for the “ACL” (Access Control List) option. Here, you can set permissions for various modules, including the Calendar. Assigning Permissions:
Within the ACL section, locate the Calendar module and set the permissions for each user role. Assign appropriate permissions such as “View,” “Write,” or “Admin” based on the level of access you want each role to have.
You Could also try the below steps to restrict providers from accessing another provider:

  • Navigate to Admin → Users.
  • Select the user to whom you need to modify the access control.
  • You can change the access in ACL option and also you can handle the facility permissions.
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