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REST API Post Observation

I need to update a patient with observations via API.
From the api readme I can only find a way to Get an observation.

I have no idea how the json structure looks like.

Can anyone help me please?

Ok. I found some example json to post.

I created a patient with following observations:

heart rate example:

Then tried an other one: “Oxygen saturation in Arterial blood”

None of them can be seen in the openEMR interface.
Where do I see my observations??


Alright. Have been doing some research. Im still stuck.

I create a customer with following json:


  • “title”:“Mr”,
  • “sex”:“Male”,
  • “fname”:“Patrik”,
  • “mname”:"",
  • “lname”:“Larsson”,
  • “street”:“Tripp”,
  • “postal_code”:“12345”,
  • “city”:“Stockholm”,
  • “country_code”:“SE”,
  • “state”:"",
  • “phone_contact”:"+4670667788",
  • email_contact":"”,
  • “dob”:“1990-12-24”,
  • “race”:"",
  • “ethnicity”:""

I return 25 as patient identifier.
And create an observation with subject/reference => “Patient/25”


Heart rate

“display”:“Vital Signs”
“text”:“Vital Signs”
“display”:“Heart rate”
“text”:“Heart rate”

I still not find any observation for that customer in the openEMR interface.
Someone has any idea?