Reporting across Multiple Sites Module

jeffpapineau wrote on Thursday, November 20, 2014:

Reading all the forum posts, FAQ, user docs and still don’t understand what I can expect as far as combined reports across multiple sites, assuming we set up with the Multiple Sites Module.

For an accounting department that needs to sum these records together for reports across multiple clinics that need to keep most records separate for normal operations, what exists and what would we be missing, in general?

I see a list of reports noted on the features list, but it’s not at all clear from anything I’ve read if some of these reports would work across clinics/databases and allow records to be combined for some types of reports?

Any references to docs, or someone familiar that could clue me in would help us out with initial expectations and configuration setup for our first attempt here.

I think we are interested first in these reports being available as merged across clinics:

Prescriptions and Drug Dispensing
Insurance Distributions
Insurance Eligibility

Jeff Papineau
Bay Area Surgical

fsgl wrote on Friday, November 21, 2014:

There is no simple way to synchronize files across sites.

See this thread.

fsgl wrote on Friday, November 21, 2014:

Gathering/incorporating the backups from the other 28 offices is not the tricky part. Secure transmittal is the huge hurdle.

Once all the data are in the main server, billing & reports are straight-forward.

Insurance Eligibility is not yet functional. Be aware that the Collections report is not about turn-overs, but about payments.

If billing & reporting are the sole tasks at hand, rather than gathering the entire kit & kaboodle from each office; files from Patient Summary, Fee Sheet & Past Encounters/Documents will suffice. Only the Practice Management portion of OpenEMR is required.

Has anyone in the community solved this or created a module that addresses this concern? Right now I am only focusing on the collection report.