Replace Twilio Fax in oe-module-faxsms

  • Replicated from issues for expanded exposure and feedback.

Twilio dropped fax support in 2021 so I’m looking to replace.
I’m getting ready to significantly expand portal notification and reminders including email to fax/sms and reverse in my secure messaging app. My development will use Twilio however the plan is to allow integration using generic api built around an abstract or interface class.
E.g sendFax(…) sendSms(…) e.t.c…

Would love to get some feedback on fax vendors from links below

In partnership with FAX.PLUS, we have created this migration plan: Programmable Fax Migration Guide for FAX.PLUS.
In partnership with J2 eFax, we have created this migration plan: Programmable Fax Migration Guide for J2 eFax.
In partnership with mFax by Documo, we have created this migration plan: Programmable Fax Migration Guide for Documo mFax.
For the Japanese market specifically, we’ve created a migration plan for Upland InterFAX: Programmable Fax Migration Guide for Upland InterFAX.

@juggernautsei has a module so that one is covered.

So we have RingCentral and Documo for fax. I’d like to make one available for our international community so i’d be great if I could get some feedback from the community!!!

I’m hoping to combine all our fax/sms into one module that sits in core modules for easier turn on and use.

This one looks interesting: HIPAA Compliant Fax Service – Secure Healthcare Email To Fax (Hospitals Clinics Physicians)

@juggernautsei Have you looked into the above?

No that is new to me. Do you want to add them to the list of services people can choose from?

After I decide if I’ll use. I found but has to be the Enterprise plan 50…00 month 3000 pages free to use api but may as well use RingCentral for both sms/fax for about the same money.

I may just go ahead and integrate your Documo and add SRFAX unless some other folks out there have a suggestion.

@PeteBoyd Is SRFAX appropriate in Great Britain, Ireland and EU in general?

What do you think Sherwin? Any issue with me co-opting your Documo?

FYI looks like Twilio has easy integration with their SendGrid product. May be worth me integrating into fax module.

I’d like to find out all those using our fax and SMS module as I’m working on bringing up to date with current v7 release.

I’ve no experience with using faxing.

I’ve asked around and not had little response as to whether anyone envisages using faxing other than a bit of doubtfulness.

Good chance we’ll use it once you’ve finished the development you have planned.

If you’re looking for API integration - start here:

healthcare focused secure document delivery, with fax as a baseline. Supports fax to email, email to fax, also can do data extraction, and working on FHIR-based mapping

Welcome Ben,
Thanks for the suggestion and will look into.