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(Jerry P) #21

@juggernautsei @stephenwaite @hamd
Here is patch v5.0.0(3)for selecting rendering type in globals.

library/ line 963 is good place for it:

‘default_rendering_provider’ => array(
xl(‘Default Rendering Provider in Fee Sheet’),
‘0’ => xl(‘Please Select’),
‘1’ => xl(‘Current Provider’),
‘2’ => xl(‘Current Logged in User’),
xl(‘Default selection for rendering provider in fee sheet.’)

and in interface/forms/fee_sheet/new.php at line 1175 add new line 1176 then paste:

if($GLOBALS[‘default_rendering_provider’] == ‘0’){
$default_rid = ‘’;
} elseif($GLOBALS[‘default_rendering_provider’] == ‘1’){
$default_rid = $fs->provider_id;
} else {
$default_rid = isset($_SESSION[‘authUserID’]) ? $_SESSION[‘authUserID’] : $fs->provider_id;
echo $fs->genProviderSelect(‘ProviderID’, ‘-- ‘.xl(“Please Select”).’ --’, $default_rid, $isBilled);

If previously patched remove old and add new.

(Henry Alvarez) #22

Hi @sjpadgett
Sorry for the ignorance. I’m running V5.0.0 (3). How and what do I remove before I insert the above in their respective files?
Thank you,

(Jerry P) #23

@hamd No need to apologize. If you haven’t previously added my modifications from previous mod I posted in this thread then you only need to insert the code where I indicated. If you have, then let me know and I’ll just post the files for you to download.

(Jerry P) #24

Here are v5.0.0(3) patched files:
goes in folder interface/forms/fee_sheet/
new.php (48.4 KB)

Goes in folder library/ (103.5 KB)

This should bring this issue to final resolution.

(Jerry P) #25

Added to codebase here:

(Max) #26

Has this been added to 5.0.0 patch8?

(Sherwin Gaddis) #27

@petersmm I would have to say IDK

Could you test and report back?

(Max) #28

It looks as though it was merged into 771dd69c aka 5_0_1_6 aka 5.0.1 patch 6? So I believe the question is answered.