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(Sherwin Gaddis) #1

We had a question come up about the system on the fee sheet defaulting to the provider that is currently logged in filling out the fee sheet. Right now as the system stands, Rendering provider has to be selected every time the doctor fills out the fee sheet. (that one more click in annoying)

Is there a setting to default this to the provider filling out the fee sheet?

(Jerry P) #2

I’ve been working in fee sheet. I’ll take a look.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #3


(Jerry P) #4

@juggernautsei Looks like the default rendering provider come from encounter provider although it is possible for rendering provider to default to last items provider. Never less, probably should always be logged in user.
A minor change and easy to back port if that is decided.
Let me know.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #5

That sounds great to me.

(Stephen Waite) #6

hi @juggernautsei @sjpadgett, in case you didn’t see this yet, for multiple providers in 5.0 it will default to a provider sorted by the user id in the rendering drop down and there is a global option to support multi providers by line item

(Jerry P) #7

@juggernautsei Here is version 5.0.0(3) patch:

File: openemr/interface/forms/fee_sheet/new.php

Go to existing line 1175.
1175: echo "  " . xlt(‘Rendering’) . “\n”;
Create line 1176 add:
1176: $default_rid = isset($_SESSION[‘authUserID’]) ? $_SESSION[‘authUserID’] : $fs->provider_id;
Modify 1177 to.
1177: echo $fs->genProviderSelect(‘ProviderID’, ‘-- ‘.xl(“Please Select”).’ --’, $default_rid, $isBilled);

Let me know if this not what you need.

(Jerry P) #8

@stephenwaite I think we are only concerned with rendering default provider. The line items are a given based on what provider/encounter created item.

(Stephen Waite) #9

sure, well done once again @sjpadgett

(Sherwin Gaddis) #10

That works!

(Jerry P) #11

I’ll include in my next billing PR in couple days.

(Henry Alvarez) #12

Hi Stephen,
Would this solve my Rendering Physician problem?
Thank you

(Henry Alvarez) #13

(Stephen here is copy of my post of my particular problem.)

Hi Stephen,
Yes, what is happening is that the fee sheet Rendering physician defaults to my name not --Please Select–. Thus the employees were leaving it that way as I am the only physician. Even when you select --Please Select-- and click save it defaults back to my name. A work around is to click on Screening, Visual ( a fake physician user that I created to help with the scheduling calendar ) then click save, then go back and select my name and save again, then the database changes and places a 2 in provider_id field. I have looked at the X12 generated output for a claim changed in this way and indeed the 2310B segments NM1 and PRV are correct. Thus your right, it is a bug in the Fee Sheet script.

Thanks again,

(Jerry P) #14

Hello @hamd,
I changed this behavior to have default rendering provider default to the logged on user. Therefore, whomever is creating the fee sheet becomes the rendering provider.

(Jerry P) #15

@hamd I just tested this more closely and do see an issue. Once new provider is selected then saved, on refresh ren provider is set back to default(logged in user). So unless the provider is changed just before final save to claim billing then rendering provider will be default in claim.
Egads, need to find some way around this.

(Jerry P) #16

@juggernautsei @stephenwaite I’m generally hesitant to change behaviors in work flows because most likely, there is a reason it is done in the first place. The reason the default rendering provider in fee sheet was set to encounter provider is because that is where claims gets rendering provider for claims processing. By setting default to logged in user, fee sheet user will not know which claims rendering provider is currently set. This is why I think I should go back to original behavior.

Concerning changing rendering in fee sheet and not seeing change in X12, I’ve tested in current master and seems to be working on that version, however, I have noticed if Billing manager is open and fee sheet as well and changes are made in fee sheet, you must update billing manager list to see changes. Also, though should not effect rendering, Insurance numbers is out of date or incorrect for provider

So summing up, my current understanding of rendering provider behavior is: on fee sheet open the rendering provider is set to the encounter provider and if changed then the encounter provider is updated to new rendering provider which allows claims processing to use correct rendering provider which, after all, encounter provider is the rendering provider for claims.

Disclaimer: I’m never surprised if I happen to be wrong concerning billing :slight_smile: Please correct me if I’m wayward here.

(Stephen Waite) #17

agree with your assessment, thanks for the post

(Henry Alvarez) #18

How can Rendering Physician be changed back so that it defaults to “Please Select”? The user that inputs the data can be one of several staff persons thus defaulting to the user doesn’t help us.

(Jerry P) #19

@hamd I’ve reverted the mod to use current user as default rendering provider because rendering provider for claims comes from the encounter provider. So whenever rendering provider is changed in fee sheet the encounter provider is also changed to the new rendering provider. This way whenever work is done in fee sheet, one know what provider will be used in billing claim.
Only way I know to make everyone happy would be to make a global in billing setup to select how default rendering provider is handle.I do think though, that the rendering provider in fee sheet should always show what will be reflected in claim.

(Jerry P) #20

@stephenwaite Seems this rendering provider handling needs a global so I’ll add one and see if Admins go along.