Rename Form in Encounter

Hi Team,
please i am trying to achive an orderly display of forms in encounter which i want vitals to always be at the top, so by so doing i want to rename vitals to A-Vitals and so on.
Please @sjpadgett @stephenwaite @Param_CapMinds @visolve @visolveemr
i need help

Hi Natt SL Limited,

Just change the code(line number 956) on interface\patient_file\encounter\forms.php file, with the below mentioned code format

if (
$pass_sens_squad &&
($result = getFormByEncounter(
“id, date, form_id, form_name, formdir, user, deleted”,
“FIND_IN_SET(formdir,‘vitals’) DESC, form_name, date DESC”

Before updation(code):

after updation code:



Thanks very much, but what i want i want after the visit summery i need the following to apply like this,
1 Vitals
2 Physical Exam
3 Lab Test

change the code like this

if ($pass_sens_squad &&($result = getFormByEncounter($attendant_id,$encounter,

    "id, date, form_id, form_name, formdir, user, deleted",


    "FIND_IN_SET(formdir,'Lab_test,Physical_exam,vitals,newpatient') DESC, form_name, date DESC"


) {

1 .Lab_test is a directory name of LAB Test Form
2.Physical_exam directory name of Physical Exam
[change your forms directory name like this]

@Param_CapMinds thanks very much it works for me by just doing the placement in descending order and i modify by translation form names so now appear great. Thanks for the support.

you’re welcome. :blush: If you need any query clarification,openemr service support you can contact directly. for more reference
thank you.

So as to make it dynamic, some code changes can be done at the Form Administration level and the order field can be used to set the relative orders for the forms, this way no code change is to be needed in the future if you want to add few more forms in this order or change the order. Please let me know if you need any assistance with the same.