Removing phpMyAdmin


Let’s keep this short and sweet - phpMyAdmin needs to be removed.

There’s a like button on the bottom of this post, hit it if you agree, if not, reply and defend keeping it.

As long as a majority of the community agrees, I’ll remove it.



Also in keeping it Short and Sweet…
Why remove it?


This has no EMR specific purpose except saving few keystrokes related to login. phpmyadmin is an os component which ubuntu and other distributions will gladly keep up to date.

As a nod to legacy, at the most we could replace the target of existing link to a popup window.


@mdsupport lays out a very good reason

It’s 3rd party software that we don’t use as part of openEMR, as such we shouldn’t bear the cost of keeping it up to date and securing it. If a user wants to use it, it’s abundantly easy to install separately. Keeping it continues to bloat the codebase.


Sounds like the sharks are circling :slight_smile:


I’ll agree with whatever the consensus is here and will be glad to document whatever we do on the wiki for historical purposes:


It will be expensive to maintain phpmyadmin in opener. I m agree to remove it


Will keep this thread up for a few more days, but based on the current feedback, looks like we’ll be dropping phpMyAdmin


I use it outside of openEMR for development issues only. On one of my servers, PHP is less than 5.6. The current 5.0 version phpmyadmin doesn’t work inside of openEMR anyway with php < 5.6.
I vote remove.


phpadmin is simple to install from it’s website and it is updated. I do not see a reason to keep it embedded in openemr


Planning on removing this week. Thanks for the feedback. I think this is long overdue





phpmyadmin has just been officially removed. Thanks @robert.down for getting this resolved.