Remote Contract Long Term Opportunity


(Archit Jain) #1

Hello All -

I am looking for an OPEN EMR Programmer who can support my client.
Client need someone to stay with them for long term part time hours to do bug fixes and customization.
The server side is written in PHP and can be employed in conjunction with a LAMP “stack”, though any operating system with PHP support is supported.

I need people based out in United States only. It will be a 100% remote opporunity.

Please email me for more details,


(Vladimir Romenskiy) #2

Hi, guys! Actually - question is the same as with Archit! I am looking for someone who could adjust my EMR, using already for 6 years, but still there are a lot to do. Need to fix payment system, on line appointments and schedules of providers, patient portal, pharmacy and laboratory integration. Any one interested - could contact Archit, if we have similar interests - probably could share. Thanks to you all!